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  • What Details Can I Ask Brokers In Advance?

    Thursday, September 16, 2021   /   by Aaron Marasigan

    What Details Can I Ask Brokers In Advance?

    blog, By Brenda Bianchi

    This video tells you what any real estate professional would tell you. Ask them:

    • How long do homes in my neighborhood currently stay on the market?
    • How would you price my home?
    • What data did you use to arrive at that price?
    • How would you market my home?
    • What activities would you expect of me to market my home?
    • How will you handle representation if one of your buyers is interested in my home?
    • May I speak with sellers you’ve recently represented?
    • How long a period would you want on a listing agreement for my house?

    It’s best to ask these questions, and be comfortable with your choices before signing a listing agreement.