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The Keys To Buying A Larger Home As A Senior

Wednesday, July 14, 2021   /   by Brenda Bianchi

The Keys To Buying A Larger Home As A Senior


The Keys To Buying A Larger Home As A Senior

As many people get older, they start to think about how they want to spend their golden years.
Life becomes less about work and more about spending time with the grandkids and enjoying
the homesteading hobbies that you always wanted to try but never had time for. If this is the
dream, then it may involve buying and moving into a larger home. To help you with this big
decision, the pros at Bianchi Realty and Property Management offer some tips for
understanding your needs and creating a smooth transition.

Consider Your Needs

According to the experts at Multicultural Care Giving, many seniors opt for a simpler and smaller
lifestyle as they grow older, but if you are looking for a bigger place, you have to ask yourself
why. The answer will tell you what to look for in your new home.

Perhaps you want a bigger place to provide more room for the family and grandkids so they can
visit any time and always have space to stay. Think about how many people you want to
accommodate, and make sure you find a home with enough bedrooms. If you have a large
family, then square footage and the acreage of a potential home should both be a consideration.
This is a chance to find a place that has the space and options you never had in your current

For anyone who has pinned on taking on a homesteading hobby like raising chickens, llamas,
creating a U-pick farm, or even owning horses, then this is the perfect chance to buy a house to
make it a reality. With the right acreage, space, and ambition, you can have a hobby farm up
and running in no time.

Fixes and Additions

If you are on a fixed budget, take the time to research the market to determine what you can
truly afford. Can you afford a brand new house, will you need to settle for a rental, or should you
consider a fixer-upper that you can improve over time as money allows?

If you have a fair bit of equity in your current home, you can generate the funds you need by
selling your house for top dollar. Start by removing any excess clutter, beautifying your home’s
exterior for curb appeal, and working with a real estate agent from Bianchi Realty and Property
Management to help you negotiate the price.

As for your new space, once you finalize your new home purchase, take the time to tackle any
fixes to make the space comfortable and safe. For instance, address any concerns in your
home inspection like wobbly stair rails, grading the foundation, or even having large, hazardous
trees removed. It’s also wise to check and repair all the windows in your home; as per the
Department of Energy, if they are not sealed correctly, you could be wasting energy.

And whether it’s for a window repair or any other fix, take the time to research potential
contractors online. First, use terms like “double pane window repair near me” to locate different
service providers in your area, and then get a few quotes for the potential costs to find a price
within your budget. When surveying local pros, confirm they are insured and licensed, and take
the time to check out customer reviews so you know you are getting quality work.

Buying On A Budget

When it comes to your budget and sticking to it, know there are plenty of options besides a
conventional loan. You can check out mortgages through the government, such as a United
States Department of Agriculture (USDA) loan for homes in rural areas or a VA loan if you’re a
veteran. Local grants may be available too depending on the nature of your purchase and your
money situation.

When considering what you can afford, keep the future in mind too. You don’t want to spend
more than you can comfortably afford, and you want to be prepared in case you contend with
common aging difficulties that make it hard to maintain your home. Ideally, you may want to
have a life insurance policy that can help cover any costs if you were to pass early in order to
avoid leaving your heirs with debt on the home.
Upsizing in retirement is totally doable! By going into this transaction fully aware of all potentials,
you can ensure you make the right choice to fit the lifestyle you’ve dreamed of. Plus, with the
help of a reputable agency like Bianchi Realty Property Management, you’ll have a smoother
experience bringing it all together.