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  • Termite Signs to Look For In Your Home

    Saturday, January 18, 2020   /   by Brenda Bianchi

    Termite Signs to Look For In Your Home

    Termites that have been nesting in your home for years can cause thousands of dollars in damage. This type of damage is not usually covered by homeowners insurance. If you can spot an infestation early on – or signs that one may be brewing – you can bring in your local pest control company to perform an inspection of your home.

    Here are the common signs that signal you might have a termite problem.

    1. Blisters in wood flooring can indicate termites feeding within or below.

    2. Hollowed or damaged wood- Over time, these grooves weaken the wood and create structural damage.

    3. Discarded termite wings and drywood termite droppings can be found near closed windows, doors and other home-access points.

    4. Uneven or Bubbling Paint- often a sign of moisture build-up, which could mean one of two things – water damage or termites.

    5. Mud Tubes. Subterranean termites create mud tubes to travel from the soil to their food source – which may be your home. 


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    Unfortunately, even if you don’t see signs of termites, that doesn’t mean they’re not there. Termite damage can go unnoticed for a while, and by the time damage is noticed, significant structural damage may already be done. That’s why it’s best to be proactive when it comes to termite control.