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Home Buying, Moving, Launching a New Business All at Once - Yes, You Can!

Monday, October 25, 2021   /   by Aaron Marasigan

Home Buying, Moving, Launching a New Business All at Once - Yes, You Can!

Article by: Charlotte Meier

Do you ever find yourself feeling that the space in your home is too small for all of your needs? Do you want to start a home-based business but feel like there's no room left for you to work in? 

If this sounds familiar, Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty - Results Group can help you find your dream home where you and your new business can thrive.

Choose the right location

Do some research on zoning laws to make sure you're not breaking any ordinances with your new office space. This is especially important if your business could potentially cause disturbances to the neighbors, such as high traffic from deliveries or visitors, potential noise levels from machinery, etc. 

Review your proximity needs. Working from home can give you the flexibility to find much more affordable neighborhoods in Pinellas County. What do you genuinely need to be close to for your business and personal needs? This might include good school districts, parks, suppliers, or transport hubs.

Make a list of areas that fit your criteria, and review their average home prices and availability to compare. You can also work with your Bianchi Realty agent to help you in your search and save you some time. 

Buying your new home

Moving house at the same time you start a business requires a lot of investment. So make sure you have gone through all the numbers and consult a financial advisor if needed, so you're clear on your budget, payment schedules, and rainy day or contingency funds. 

Although you're just starting your business venture, aim to buy a home that will allow your company to grow. This way, you avoid having to move in a couple of years because you've outgrown your office space again. 

Review all the paperwork carefully. When it comes to property investments, the key is often in the small print! And be sure to tackle other important details like determining whether to register your business as a Florida LLC or sole proprietorship.

Budget for your ongoing maintenance costs. The costs of running a home in a new area could vary significantly with changing utility prices, especially now that you're running a home office too. So make sure you don't get any nasty surprises.

Set up your home office.

Make it comfortable. After all, you will be spending a large part of your day in your office, especially at the beginning. Take care of the ergonomics, and your back will thank you.

Separate your office space from your living space. In the first months of your business, you will inevitably tend to overwork, so having clear boundaries between the two areas will help you maintain a balance with your personal life.

Make sure you have enough storage space. If you're generating a lot of paperwork, or need to have inventory on hand, make sure that everything has its place so you don't end up with a lot of clutter eating away your productivity.

Light up the room. Make sure that you set up an office space that has plenty of natural light. You can complement it with plenty of standing or ceiling lamps for when the sunlight isn't enough, but natural light is more conducive to productivity and better for your eyes. 

We hope these insights were helpful. Are you ready to get the ball rolling? Get in touch with Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty - Results Group at 727-595 SOLD. We wish you the best of luck on this new chapter, fulfilling your entrepreneur and homeownership dreams!

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